LiveNow Adult Life Mentoring

In the more than 40 years that I have mentored folks, I have never asked for, or wanted, thanks, gifts, or testimonials. I live by and teach my martial arts students LiveNow Adult Life Mentoring that we do what we do because it pleases us to do so, and we should not have an expectation for return.

The example that I give for this is: I don't invite you over to dinner with any expectation that you will invite me over, nor would I want you to do so out of any feeling of obligation. It was just something that I want to do. Simple as that.

When I began LiveNow in January of 2014 to offer my mentoring skills to folks other than my martial arts students, I emailed everyone I knew, including my students. I asked them as a favor to me to help me get the word out about my business, if they could ask everyone that they knew to at least visit my site once.

Some of these folks sent encouraging replies back, wishing me well. I thank those who agreed to share their thoughts as 'testimonials' for my new business, as well as others who have done so along the way.

LiveNow Adult Life Mentoring

These testimonials provide insight into how folks have been positively affected by my influence. Too often, testimonials are regarded more as book reviews, rather than as an individual's connection with the person they are writing about.

I hope you can see that these comments are not a 'pat-me-on-the-back', but that they convey the person's experience with me, and how you and I might work together to bring out the best in you as well!

"A good friend will come and bail you out of jail, but a best friend will be sitting next to you saying, 'Damn... that was fun!'"—Kate Angell, Curveball