LiveNow Adult Life Mentoring
Services and Fees

I provide practical life mentoring for serious adults who simply need some direction and mentoring for career, emotional, financial, or in just enjoying life more fully rather than formal problem resolution counseling or therapy via: LiveNow Adult Mentoring

  • Individual private in person mentoring
  • Individual private telephone/Skype consultation
  • Group workshops and seminars

In addition to working with older adults, I'm also excited to work with younger adults in their late 20's to mid 30's who are just getting started in their work lives. I know what it takes to build financial and emotional success when you're starting to look ahead at your life, rather than a kid who may only look at today.

Initial free session
We would schedule a free 15 minute chat, either in person, or via telephone/Skype, so that we can discuss what you are looking to accomplish, and determine if my process would be appropriate for your needs. My fees are $150.00 per 1 hour session. Fees have tremendous flexibility for hardship, if you are a current member of C&S Self Defense Association at the Green Belt level or above, or are a wounded United States Armed Services veteran.

Jump Start Package Suggestions
Sometimes, you just need a starting point to get going with a mentor. It's tough to be able to identify exactly what you'd like to accomplish from your sessions if you've never had any experience with this sort of interaction. Here's a list of possible Jump Start Packages for you to consider:

  • Dealing With The J-O-B
  • Surviving Unemployment With A Smile
  • Balancing Your Work With Your Family
  • Don't Let Your Job or Others Swallow Your Interests and Passions
  • Simple Methods of Conflict Resolution
  • Bringing Up Kids To Be Proud, and To Be Proud Of
  • Laying the Groundwork for Financial Fitness When You're In Your 20s and 30s
  • Catching Up With Your Financial Goals When You're In Your 40s
  • It's Not Too Late To Get Your Financial House in Order When You're Over 50
  • You're Financially Secure; Now What?
  • You're Broke; Now What?
  • You're Retired Or Going To Be Retired Soon; Now What?

You can either just do the 5 sessions of the package and decide if you want to continue with me on that or any other topic, or you can begin our work together using the program LiveNow Adult Life Mentoring title simply as a starting point.

Because I specifically configure my presentation for each group workshop or seminar, I'd be happy to discuss your particular needs and budget. Presentations are optimally structured around either a 1 or 2 hour time frame with between 8 to 25 participants depending on the goals of the group.

I'd enjoy working with you to create a presentation for a longer time frame, and/or a larger number of participants. For example, for my advanced black belt martial students I hold a yearly 3 day retreat, so let's discuss what I can do for your group. Travel to client sites further than a reasonable driving distance will be billed by mutual agreement.

Mentoring in Software Development
As a senior software engineer with a 30 year career doing analysis, design, and development of complex web based business applications, I offer mentoring in the Java programming language for web based business applications development.

This is for serious individuals with either no experience in computer programming, entry level development experience and wanting to expand their career options, or seasoned developers who need to better understand Object Oriented Analysis and Design, and principles of refactoring.

Keeping it simple in a complex world
I don't have online training, an interactive blog, sell books or videos, or use any other marketing tools. For me, life mentoring has just got to be a shared personal experience, or I don't want to do it because LiveNow Adult Life Mentoring I just know that it's not going to be satisfying for a you.

I don't have a fancy office to impress you, either. I don't even use an office. I'm not out to impress you. I'm going to assist you in achieving your life expectations.

Most folks have said they'd prefer to either have me come to their home, or have our sessions at my home in Dover, NH.

There's also just finding a quite corner at your public library or taking a walk through the woods; places where we can be comfortable and relaxed. And after the first few sessions, we can work through Skype when it's more convenient for you.

I'm not trying to 'sell you' on my services either. I still have a career as a senior software engineer designing and coding complex web based business applications, still passionately involved in teaching martial arts, busy managing real estate, writing fiction in the financial thriller genre, and I'm an active foreign currency trader.
LiveNow Adult Life Mentoring

I'm busy. You're busy. We're busy. But, we're in this together, so we'll make it happen if you want it to happen.

So, how about it? Are you ready to do it?

Gordon Gekko in the movie Wall Street said, "The most valuable commodity I know of is information." I've not only got the information, but I've got a simple process of showing you how to make that information work for you.

Closing thoughts....
It's not about "Whoever has the most stuff when it's over, wins." Rather, it's about closing your eyes for the last time, and hearing someone whisper softly in your ear something similar to what Dean Martin said after hearing about the death of his friend, Frank Sinatra: "He more than paid for the space he took up."

Please contact me if any of this interests you.

"It always gets better. Sometimes, it gets worse. But it always gets better."—Peter Rose